About us

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The company Sommer International GmbH is your contact for shop furnishings, business requirements, equipment and much more. You can buy or rent all items from us.

In 2007, the starting shot for the professional trade with gerkluchten Ladeneinrichtungen. The insolvency of the Hertie shopping chain was the trigger. At that time, we successfully handled 14 branches. Partial objects with a size over 10,000 square meters. Our task was the dismantling and disposal as well as the marketing of all furnishings. We have remained faithful to these areas of business to this day and have become more and more specialized.

At the beginning, our customers came from retail or were private end customers. It was preferred to buy second-hand curtain dolls, used clothes hangers or scaled back-up systems. Today, we supply customers throughout Europe with individual product groups or complete shop furnishings.

We can offer everything from the cash counter over the back wall handling and the display case to the price issue and deliver it at short notice.

Our goods are no longer confined to well-preserved used articles, but also to second choice products or new products from overproductions.

Since 2014, you can not only buy but also rent all articles.

In 2015, a large amount of equipment from the storage area was added, such as lattice boxes, attachments, one-way pallets or rollcolli.

In the middle of 2016, we offered our customers the possibility to store goods for you and deliver them to their order and, if necessary, also to assemble them.

At the end of 2017, we will open our new showcourse and increase our storage capacity by 50%.

We are thus setting the course for the next few years to give you the certainty that we will be at your side in the future as a strong partner.